Avocado Burger – We made the paper!

eh vegan avocado burger breakfast sandwich

A first for us.

Here’s some fun Thursday news for you! (or maybe just for us…) Our avocado burger was featured in La Presse, a french language publication local to Montreal. It’s designed for iPad, so if you have one, the experience will be best if you view it there, but here’s a screenshot:

eh vegan avocado burger breakfast sandwich la presse

Avocado burger. So trendy, right?

They have been popping up all over Instagram recently. I certainly didn’t expect that we’d be interviewed about ours though! Definitely a very nice surprise.

You can read the full La Presse article here: L’AVOCAT DANS TOUS SES ÉTATS by Sophie Ouimet.

eh vegan avocado burger breakfast sandwich

What’s it like?

Even if you’ve never had an avocado burger, you know that you’re not going to pick it up with your hands. Knife and fork are a necessity. Don’t let that stop you though. It’s a fun, delicious meal! Sure to please, whether you opt for breakfast sandwich or burger style.


Thank you La Presse!

So thankful to Sophie over at La Presse for loving our food photography and reaching out to chat about it.

eh vegan la presse

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