Our big day at the Montreal Vegan Festival!

Montreal Vegan Festival

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw our post today featuring one of our favourite dishes — vegan mac & cheeze. It’s something we make on the regular, but this one was special. It’s the recipe we shared during our culinary demo at the Montreal Vegan Festival at the beginning of the month.


Montreal Vegan Festival


Sometime this summer, Christopher asked me if i’d be down to do a demo at the vegan festival here. The organizers had reached out to him. I was like “sure”, thinking that there would be lots of people doing demos, and that we’d be doing a demo in a corner somewhere. You know, sort of like you’d picture an old school lemonade stand. Low key.

A few months go by, and the lineup of demo-ers (that’s clearly not a word but we’ll run with it) was released. Turns out the list wasn’t very long, and the people we were going to be presenting alongside seemed pretty legit. Heck, there was even going to be a chef from France there! How the heck did we end up on this list? We were asked to submit photos of ourselves so they could post a little about who we were on their site. Christopher and I submitted a photo of us in a helicopter from a trip to Hawaii. Everyone else had professional kitchen photos—oops.


Montreal Vegan Festival

Fast forward to the big day

Being on stage is something else. At least for me it was. It was nerve wracking, terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. Thoughts like “ I wonder if anyone will show up”, “what if people don’t find it tastes good” were running through my mind. I mean, if the demo was going to go anything like my morning had started off, I had every right to be worried. Without going into too much detail, I absolutely tripped over a bag (on stage) before we started our demo. I had a pot full of water in my hands — there was no way I was saving my fall at the expense of our pot. I bruised both my knees that instant — ouch. At least I was wearing a badass shirt.

So much to be grateful for

Luckily, things went pretty smoothly. Our friends Kat and Kev from endurance triathletes were the first faces there, which was comforting. Looks like we’d have at least 2 people in the audience. Then our friend Justin popped in with his camera ready to take some photos of us on stage. And Mike with some last minute supplies. Little by little more people were sitting down to watch us on stage. We mic’ed up and off we went. Talking veganism and plant based noms. For one hour. One full hour! There were a few times where I thought i was going to vomit I was so nervous — luckily, I was able to keep it together.


Montreal Vegan Festival

Thank you!

Next thing I knew, the demo was over, and people were getting ready to sample the goods. Insert another moment of panic. I was getting ready to make a swift exit from the stage when someone from the crowd came up and asked to take a picture. That was such a heart warming feeling. I didn’t know you before, but thank you! Your kind words of how we’ve helped you along your journey without us even knowing was a good reminder to keep doing what were doing (even when it’s hard).

We also had some generous help from Melt Organic and Bassé Retail 440. They hooked us up with some of the ingredients that we use in the recipe (which we’ll be updating and posting to the blog very soon!)

Oh! And thank you to the Montreal Vegan Festival organizing committee for giving us this amazing opportunity. Now that we’ve got one demo under our belt, I feel like it’s something we could do again.

Montreal Vegan Festival

Look at me now

If you had asked me a few years ago if I ever thought I would be doing a culinary demo alongside Christopher on a stage at the Montreal Vegan Festival, I would have told you you were crazy. At the time, dicing potatoes was a challenge. I cant wait to see where this adventure goes and to share with you along the way!


Montreal Vegan Festival

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