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Puerto Vallarta Sunset

Hey! It’s been a while hasn’t it. I’m going to try to make a point of writing things down sooner, that way i don’t need to break my head trying to remember everything (seriously, it’s a struggle).  Puerto Vallarta, here we go!


Puerto Vallarta

We’re fresh off a trip. I’m choosing to call it that and not just a vacation because well, the only part of the trip that felt like a vacation was when we were in Puerto Vallarta. Why’s that? Just to give you an idea, we were on 8 different flights and visited Vancouver, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Puerto Vallarta…in 13 days. Put it this way, we have a hard time sitting still, but after only a few shorts days in Mexico, I think i could get used to it! The city, the food, the vibe…

Puerto Vallarta

Guacamole, sand and sun, here we come

We flew to Puerto Vallarta direct with Southwest airlines courtesy of Christopher’s sister (thanks Allison) and landed exactly where we needed to be. 30 degrees and nothing but blue sky in sight. We didn’t plan anything, other than where we were staying, so that was pretty exciting! Christopher had done some research though, and in true Bill fashion- he figured we could save a few dollars by not taking a taxi right out of the airport.


A walk on the wild side

Our resort was only a few minutes away from the airport and apparently 20 USD to get there wasn’t a fair deal in his books. Off we went, taking off on foot, walking up a ramp, over what i think was a highway, down onto the other side of the street into a gravel sidewalk (if you can call it that). Christopher had downloaded a spot that had wifi into his google maps, and we were planning on calling a cab from there. A few minutes into our walk, there was no more gravel sidewalk, just intermittent patches of dirt and the next thing we knew we were essentially walking on the road lugging our suitcases with cars heading for us (oops). It’s a good thing we didn’t pack too heavy because pulling our luggage wasn’t an option anymore, we had to carry it in order to not get hit by oncoming traffic.

Puerto Vallarta

Getting around

I’m writing this now, so no need to worry, we obviously made it to the spot Christopher plugged into his phone. Only there did he realize that Uber was available in Puerto Vallarta. It started a few months ago. How he neglected to look that up before we left the airport is beyond me but hey, it made for an interesting walk. We called an uber, and a few minutes later we popped our suitcases in the trunk and traded walking down the not too pedestrian friendly streets of Vallarta for comfy seats and A/C with a driver who spoke no english other than hello. It’s times like these I’m grateful for taking Spanish courses at McGill—it really did come in handy!

Puerto Vallarta Beetle

A good nights sleep

We pulled up to the Westin Puerto Vallarta and headed up as quickly as we could to drop our things off in our room to catch the sunset.

Puerto Vallarta Westin Sunset

Back to the resort. One of the nice things about staying at the Westin is that you can request feather-free rooms (maybe one day this will be the norm). I think November is still considered low season in Mexico, so lucky for us the resort wasn’t too crowded and we got bumped up to a higher floor with ocean view. I wont say no to that.

Puerto Vallarta Westin Resort

No itinerary, no problem

We spent the first day sipping on coconut water, eating guacamole and chips, and reading in the pool. It was pretty rough. We spent the second day doing the exact same thing. If thats your scene, this resort is perfectly set up for that. It’s a bit of a trek to the city, has an incredible pool area, and access to the beach. I have a hard time travelling somewhere and not getting a feel for what the area is like though. Luckily, Christopher does too.

Puerto Vallarta Westin Resort

Itching to explore

After two of the most relaxing days we’ve spent in probably the last year, we packed up our things. Off to the Sheraton Puerto Vallarta. The pool area wasn’t as impressive as at the Westin, but it was just a quick walk from the city.

Puerto Vallarta Sheraton Resort

You could walk the Malecon for miles. It’s also conveniently located right in front of a restaurant called 100% Natural. It serves up vegan breakfast tacos and giant smoothies at a very reasonable price. A great way to fuel up before walking the Malecon (we walked about 15 Km). Along the strip, you’ll find a wide array of souvenir shops and restaurants. Pro tip: If you head up and away from the ocean, it gets less touristy. I snagged a Mexican blanket for almost 1/2 of what it goes by the water.

Puerto Vallarta

Vegan noms

We stopped for fresh coconut water on our walk, and took a different route back through the side streets. We stumbled on a small restaurant, Veggie Table, serving up so many different vegan tacos. Ok so I thought we found it accidentally but Christopher guided us here. We had a couple before finishing our journey to the resort.

Puerto Vallarta Vegan Tacos

Something for everyone

Normally when we go on trips, we try to do it all. See and do everything we can. This time, we opted not to go on any excursions. We didn’t go snorkelling or hiking in the mountains, but if you’re into that, there’s no shortage of activities here. There were even locals offering tours on the beach at discounted fares. I was pretty temped but was also determined to relax.


Hasta luego

The four days flew by, and I left with my heart so full. We brought home some vanilla (as one does when visiting Mexico), and a blanket. Both will come in handy for the cold winter months here in Montreal. I plan on cuddling under the blanket while eating all the cookies! Perhaps these.

Until next time…<3

Puerto Vallarta Palm Trees

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