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Little Life Box Review – February 2017

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What you need to know.

Little Life Box is our first experience with a monthly subscription box. There aren’t many vegan-only subscription options on the market, especially Canadian-based ones. In fact, this might be the only one and it’s from right here in Montreal! We love to support local entrepreneurs and team at Little Life Box are no exception. We’re thrilled to share these monthly reviews with you.

There are two versions of the Little Life Box. Obviously, we get the vegan one. Keep in mind that the items aren’t limited to food. Little Life Box a lifestyle box, not a snack box. Some items are more practical and others are more fun. My favourite thing about the box is that I get to discover new products every month. To help support our blog, we do make a small commission on some of the links throughout the text. Our opinions are always our own and Little Life Box is a company that we’re proud to work with.

You’ll notice that the Prana and Patience Fruit & Co packages are open. That’s what happens when you’re opening the box on Instagram Stories and absentmindedly munch on the snacks you’re excited about, totally forgetting that you need to take pictures. Oops!

eh vegan little like box review February 2017

Carazel Chocolate Bark by Prana Organic

This chocolate bark is organic, vegan, non GMO, fair-trade and gluten-free and is made from caramelized roasted nuts and fine sea salt to give you a sweet & salty taste.

This is a newly-launched product from Canadian-based Prana Organic, who also sent us a different flavour to sample. Between the two we tried, the Carazel was the favourite by a large margin. You won’t be disappointed with this.

eh vegan little like box review patience fruit co prana organic chocolate bark

Dried Cranberries by Patience Fruit & Co

Organic, vegan and non-GMO, these dried cranberries are a great addition to your favorite dishes.

Another Canadian company, Patience Fruit & Co make organic dried fruit. These are great in salads, chia pudding, quinoa, etc. Honestly, I eat most of them straight from the bag. They are also partnered with Dose on a great juice flavour.

eh vegan little like box review patience fruit co cranberries

Zesty Sunshine Artisan Blend by Patience Fruit & Co

A mix of dried cranberries, dried goldenberries and brazil nuts with lemon zest. It’s non-GMO and vegan.

I’d tried the dried cranberries before. but this blend is new to me. I love dried fruit mixed with nuts and seeds. Can’t go wrong with this combo from Patience Fruit & Co.

eh vegan little like box review patience fruit co zesty sunshine artisan blend

Crunchy Peanut Butter Bar by CLIF

An energy bar made with nutritious & organic ingredients.

I don’t know where you’ve been if you don’t already know CLIF. They make a variety of energy, health, and protein bars. My favourite is the white chocolate macadamia, but this peanut butter one is a close second. I’ve actually represented CLIF as a brand ambassador in the past, so it’s a product that I definitely believe it.

eh vegan little like box review clif bar

Non-GMO Cold-Pressed Canola Oil by North Prairie Gold

This canola oil is cold-pressed, non-GMO and Canadian. It’s a good source of Vitamin E, antioxidant and Omega-3.

I’m not familiar with North Prairie Gold, but to be honest, I don’t pay too  much attention to the oil I buy. We don’t shy away from oil, though I know many people try to limit it. I just seem to default to olive oil whenever I shop, so I’m always happy to try something new and maybe change my purchasing habits. I recently used the camelina oil from the January box on pasta and baked potatoes. Delicious both times!

eh vegan little like box review patience fruit co north prairie canola oil

Peanut-Free Spread by WOWBUTTER

Allergies are no fun.  Especially when they involve peanuts. This is an alternative to peanut butter that tastes just as good, minus the peanuts. It’s made with toasted soy, so it’s a great alternative for anyone who is looking to stay away from peanuts or anyone who just loves the taste of soybutter!

I’ve seen this around, but never tried it. I know many of schools actively advertise it as an acceptable peanut butter alternative. We’re fortunate to have no allergies in our home, but I’m sure WOWBUTTER is a relief if you if that’s your situation. I’m excited to try it and compare it to peanut butter.

eh vegan little like box review wowbutter

Olive Oil Soap by Néolia

This soap is paraben-free, no animal ingredients, not tested on animals, biodegradable, gentle, hypoallergenic and recyclable.

Big fan of bar-soap here. I’ve used body wash, but find that I go through it too quickly. Maybe that’s old school, but it also means less plastic bottles leaving our home, so that’s a positive. I’ve used Néolia shampoo before and liked it, so I’m looking forward to trying this out.

eh vegan little like box review neolia

MoringaPlus Oleifera RAW Powder by SuperLeaf

Moringa has the health benefits of a multivitamin! Each 11 gram serving contains the equivalent of 50 grams of fresh Moringa leaves. That’s more than 2 full servings of raw, organic greens!

I don’t generally add anything to my water. I’m one of those people that’s happy to just drink plain old H20 from my bottle. I’ll probably add this moringa powder to some cashew milk and drink it as a treat. There are two flavours: chocolate and vanilla.

eh vegan little like box review superleaf moringa

Rhodiola by New Chapter

Rhodiola Rosea is an exalted herbal stress ”adaptogen” that helps with stamina, endurance and well-being under conditions of exertion and sleep disruption.

It’s nice to get a full-size bottle of Rhodiola Force 100 to really give myself a chance to see how it affects my routine if I were to introduce it into my lifestyle. I don’t generally battle fatigue, but I suppose my mental focus can be improved. Truthfully, I’m often skeptical of products like this. I try to avoid fatigue by getting sleep and eating foods that leave me energized. I think it’s important to improve your diet before taking vitamins and supplements to eliminate deficiencies.

eh vegan little like box review new chapter rhodiola

Overview – Little Life Box – February 2017

In my last review, I said that I wanted to see more food products and that’s exactly what Little Life Box delivered in February! Everything in this box is something that I’ll eat or use, except the Rhodiola, which I’m not totally sure about yet. Overall, this is an excellent box. Several Canadian companies represented, with some salty snacks and some sweet snacks. Some body care items and a few health items. It’s well rounded and exactly what I hope to see from Little Life Box every month.

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