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Little Life Box Review – March 2017

eh vegan little life box vitamix

A little back story…

Little Life Box is our first experience with a monthly subscription box. There aren’t many monthly vegan box options on the market, especially Canadian-based ones. In fact, this might be the only one and it’s from right here in Montreal! We love to support local entrepreneurs and team at Little Life Box are no exception. We’re thrilled to share these monthly reviews with you.

There are two versions of the Little Life Box. Obviously, we get the vegan one. Keep in mind that the items aren’t limited to food. Little Life Box a lifestyle box, not a snack box. Some items are more practical and others are more fun. My favourite thing about the box is that I get to discover new products every month. To help support our blog, we do make a small commission on some of the links throughout the text. Our opinions are always our own and Little Life Box is a company that we’re proud to work with.

You’ll notice that I’m using stock photos this month. Had some trouble with a corrupt memory card and it looks like I may have lost the ones I shot myself! I’ll update with my own photos if I manage to get them back.

eh vegan little life box review march 2017 prana chocolate bark

No Mylk’n Chocolate Bark by Prana Organic

This chocolate bark is organic, vegan, non-GMO, fair-trade, and gluten-free. It’s made with hazelnuts and crispy rice.

Last months box included a different flavour of this newly-launched product from Canadian-based Prana Organic. Can’t go wrong with chocolate bark, especially one as high quality as this.

eh vegan little life box review march 2017 pea pops

Wild Ranch Pea Pop’s by Three Farmers

Cheesy without the cheese! Their bold and zesty Wild Ranch will satisfy your snack cravings and keep you coming back for more. They are nut-free, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, and made in Canada!

Another Canadian company featured in this box. Three Farmers makes a crunch snack that’s probably better for me than chips. I’m generally not partial to ranch flavoured anything, but these are pretty good. I think a barbecue flavour would really win me over.

eh vegan little life box review march 2017 naked nuts

Shocko Salad Topper by Naked Nuts

This mix is made from 100% natural, organic, non-GMO, sulphite-free, gluten-free and vegan ingredients. It’s made to put on top of your salads, yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal or ice cream.

Can’t go wrong with nuts. A nice addition to a bowl of chia pudding and non-dairy yogurt. But salad? I don’t eat much salad! 😉

eh vegan little life box review march 2017 snack bar

Dark Chocolate Orange Snack Bar by Taste of Nature

A delicious, vegan, non-GMO, organic and gluten free snack bar with 10g of protein!

I don’t like most protein bars, but this doesn’t look like a protein bar. Admittedly, I haven’t eaten it yet, but this seems like more a nut bar, packed with natural protein. I can get behind that!

eh vegan little life box review march 2017 rice chips

Sea Salt Rice Chips by Lundberg

These chips are crunchy, delicious and made with organic ingredients and a brown rice base. They are vegan, gluten free and non-GMO!

Chips are essential. It’s not like I’m going to dip carrots in my hummus. This snack size bag wasn’t deep enough. Crunchy and salty, which is exactly what I expect from a great chip.

eh vegan little life box review march 2017 vita coco coconut water

Coconut Water by Vita Coco

This pure coconut water is a great way to stay hydrated and add flavour to your day! It’s vegan, natural, and amazing!

Vic is the coconut water lover in our house. Vita Coco is a brand we already use often. Personally, I don’t like it straight, but it’s great for smoothies instead of water.

eh vegan little life box review march 2017 liquid greens chlorophyll

Liquid Greens Chlorophyll by Pure-Le Natural

Chlorophyll has great healing effects on your body. It’s vegan, natural, kosher, and Canadian!

This has already come in handy. I know it’s healthy, but don’t judge. So far, we’ve used it colour the icing on our donuts green! At least we’re giving our bodies something good right?

eh vegan little life box review march 2017 solstico

Boost Sachet by Solstic Energy

Solstic Energy is a nutrient-rich formula that boosts energy without the jitters and crashes of other energy drinks. Solstic’s blend of natural, energy-boosting ingredients gives added stamina without crashing later, and without added long-term health risks. Solstic Energy contains the complete complex of B vitamins, which play an important role in energy metabolism. It comes in convenient, take-anywhere, easy-to-use stick packs, and is highly economical with 30 packets in a box. With so many benefits, Solstic is the natural choice for when you want energy without side effects. Solstic Energy is more than a delicious thirst-quenching beverage! It contains nine key ingredients which give the body energy and vitality. Solstic Energy helps reduce fatigue, increase mental focus, and boosts metabolism. Take Solstic Energy along with you to the office, sporting events, traveling, or any on-the-go activity.

I’ve mentioned previously that I don’t generally add anything to my water. Plain old water seems to quench my thirst. I know there are some people are less excited about drinking water though, so a healthy enhancer is a great option. Bonus if you need the energy kick!

eh vegan little life box review march 2017 urban spa bamboo mitt

Bamboo Bath Mitt by Urban Spa

This bamboo bath mitt is eco-friendly and a great way to exfoliate your skin.

Vic has claimed this as her own. Something practical is always a welcome addition in the box. Especially when it’s quickly put to good use. Thanks for the inclusion!

eh vegan little life box review march 2017 goddess garden sunscreen

Sunscreen by Goddess Garden

Research has proven that sunscreen should be worn all year round, but not all sunscreen is good for your skin. This formula is all natural, so you don’t have to worry! Might as well use it as your daily moisturizer.

You gotta wear your sunscreen! Full disclosure, I am so bad at doing this on the regular. Summer is coming though, and I have every intention of getting lots of sun! So this’ll be put to good use on the worst of days.


Overview – Little Life Box – March 2017

Way to deliver Little Life Box! Plenty of great food options, balanced by a few very practical healthy and wellness items. I’m all for treats, but it’s nice to get a box that filled with items I can use regularly and not just eat once. Mothers day is just around the corner. Garb a box for your Mom before it’s too late!

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