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Pizza Pizza is Now Offering Vegan Cheese and People are Going Nuts!

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Pizza Pizza vegan cheese is here.

Canada, we have a win to celebrate! I know you’re familiar with Pizza Pizza. Hopefully it’s not your everyday meal choice, but I assume you crave pizza just like I do. Finally, the cheese-less days are over thanks to the Pizza Pizza vegan cheese option.

News of the vegan cheese hit Facebook and Instagram with a bang. It was popping up in community vegan groups all over FB. Vegan pizza lovers started posing with pizzas in their Instagram feeds. I heard someone even cried! (That was me…) Don’t take my word for it, here are some of the best photos to hit Instagram.

Vegan cheese at the same price.

Here’s some really great news. THERE’S NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR DAIRY-FREE CHEEZE. YAAASSS! The plant-based cheese is made by Violifefoods, a UK company, and is on the menu at all locations. You can choose is right in the app when you order from your phone. It’s not the default option, so be sure to make the change to “dairy-free cheeze” before you hit the checkout page.

Let’s be real for second. This isn’t the mozzarella you remember, but that’s ok. Dairy cheese is addictive, but eventually you get over it. I don’t want a mozzarella pizza anymore. I’m guessing, neither do you. You just want something familiar, with a bit of that saltines you get from cheese. I won’t name names, but there are some vegan cheeses out there that I just can’t deal with. And there’s no way I’m alone, am I right or am I right? I give props to any company that creates plant-based products, but taste is important. Pizza Pizza made a great choice with Violife.

A word of caution!

Check your pizza before you bite into it. The Pizza Pizza vegan cheese doesn’t melt like dairy cheese does. It looks different, so if the cheese on your pizza suspiciously looks too legit, you might be right. It wouldn’t be the first mistake they’ve made. Now, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cut them some slack. It’s obviously a massive roll-out and some franchises are probably still getting used to the new option, but check your order to be sure.

Also watch out for the gluten-free crust. It’s not vegan or vegetarian!

Great news for Canada.

Pair this with the news that Ben & Jerry’s is about to release three vegan ice cream flavours in Canada, and I’ll say that February is shaping up to be a great month for veganism in our country. It’s great to support plant-based initiatives, so give these new treats a try!

Did you try the Pizza Pizza vegan cheese yet? Let us know what you thought!

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