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Vegan Supply Fills the Need for Ethical Food Choices in Canada

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Vegan Supply — There is life without animal products.

Whenever I post store-bought food brands on Instagram, people ask where I found them. The fact is, finding branded vegan foods is more difficult in some areas. I’m not going to to deny that you can buy fruits, veggies, grains, and other staples anywhere. That’s true. But when you’re looking for Dandies marshmallows, Miyoko’s cheese, or Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg, you may find yourself out of luck searching local grocery stores. Enter Vegan Supply.

The Vancouver-based company is dedicated to making ethical food options accessible to anyone in Canada. They sell only vegan foods, so you can add anything to your cart without worrying about the list of ingredients. You can also take pride in the fact your shopping dollars support a vegan business from top to bottom. You’ll never subsidize meat or dairy shopping at

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A mission to make ethical food accessible.

When asked about the Vegan Supply mission in an interview with the Vancouver Humane Society, Dave Shishkoff, an active member of the Vancouver/Victoria vegan scene and Minister of Chaos at Vegan Supply, said:

“Instead of helping subsidize a grocery store meat department, or worse, greenwashing animal products with nearly meaningless ‘humane’ or ‘cage-free’ labels, we’re providing a legitimately and consistently ethical model.”

We vote with our wallets every day. When we support companies that embrace a 100% vegan position, we tell them that there is a place in the market for this kind of business. You can read their manifesto here.

Having not even hit my 1 year veganniversary yet, I was struck by how easy it is to shop at the Vegan Supply online store.  In my typical grocery store trip, I’m picking things up and reading labels only to put most items back on the shelf wondering to myself: “why on earth is there milk in that?!” At Vegan Supply, everything had already been vetted for me. And there are so many items I’ve never even seen locally. It really is a stress-free way to shop.

Building a vegan community in Canada.

What I love most about them, is that they’re proactive about building the vegan community in Canada. Before the first Vegans of Canada newsletter was even sent, they’d reached out to offer support. It’s awesome to see a community come together despite being on opposites sides of the country.

Exciting news is that they’re working on a physical location in Vancouver! Follow them on social media to keep track of those updates. For now, if you in live in BC, there are local pick-up points. For the rest of Canada (and BC as well of course), expedited shipping will have your order at your door in no time.


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