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Vitamix Ascent Series Review: Hands-on with the A2300

eh vegan vitamix ascent series review a2300

The Vitamix Ascent Series is the newest addition to the Vitamix blender family. There are four models, all slightly different. In January, Vitamix sent us the the A2300 to review. After six months of regular use, it’s time to share exactly what it’s been like to use over time, especially once the newness factor wears off.

Before I dive into the details, here’s some backstory. Vic and I were already Vitamix fans before we received the Ascent Series. We bought a C-Series Vitamix (now considered a Legacy model) from Costco in 2012 and have used it regularly for 5 years. We recommended it to friends and family long before we received the A2300 for review. Our Vitamix has never disappointed us. That fact and the observations that I share below are my own unbiased opinions.

eh vegan mac and cheese vitamix ascent series

Price and Warranty

The four models in the lineup are the A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500. We received the A2300, with is the entry point into the Ascent ecosystem. The price point is higher than previous models. The C-Series that we bought at Costco is still available for C$499.99. The entry-level A2300 is $619.95. Is that going to bankrupt you? No. Is it cheap? Definitely not. But is it worth it? Yes, it has been for us. And believe it or not, you can actually buy your Vitamix on an interest-free payment plan for as long as 5 months.

Our C-Series includes a 7-year waranty, meaning we still have 2 years left on it! As if that wasn’t good enough, all Vitamix Ascent Series models include a 10-year warranty, including two way shipping at no cost to you. That is unbeatable. If you invest in a Vitamix, it’s for at least 10 years. Realistically, much longer. You could literally pass a kitchen appliance on to your kids! I read somewhere that their warranty is the best warranty you’ll never need. As a customer, there’s something very reassuring about showing that kind of confidence in the product you sell.

So for a blender that’s guaranteed to last 10 years and cost you nothing in shipping if it does need repairs, even for the most expensive A3500, you’re spending only $82/year for the best blender on the market. And that’s if it only last as long as the warranty. It’ll probably last longer.

In a previous post, I mentioned the our Vitamix is a workhorse. We use it almost daily to make smoothies, soup, pizza dough, sorbet, sauces, pancake batter, cake mix, etc. You get the idea. There isn’t much it can’t do.

eh vegan vitamix ascent series review a2300

What’s New?

The most noticeable difference is the digital screen. That might seem like more of a detail, but it’s very handy when blending smoothies and sorbet to avoid over-blending. A lot of people on Instagram comment on the consistency of our smoothie bowls. Blending for just the right amount of time is crucial, so knowing exactly how long you’ve been blending is key.

Comparing it to our previous model, the Vitamix Ascent Series container is wider. Handy when I’m making large quanities of mac&cheese sauce or a bread dough, but less convenient when I want to make a smoothie for one person. Fortunately, Vitamix has announced smaller 20-ounce and 8-ounce containers that will be perfect for single-serve smoothies and sauces or pestos that don’t require large quantities. As far as I know, they haven’t been released yet, but expect to see them soon. No word yet on pricing for those containers, but consider them must-have accessories to get the most out of your Vitamix.

The other noticeable difference is the lid. It’s a small detail, but it not snaps firmly in place, leaving little doubt that it’s secure. I often found myself double checking the lid on our C-Series because it didn’t seem secure.

eh vegan vitamix ascent series review a2300

Comparing the Different Models

The A2300 is missing the programmed presets that are included on the A2500 and A3500. It’s up to you to start and stop the machine. The A3300 is going to offer you the same experience as the A2300, only with a touchscreen instead of manual knobs. The A2500 has 3 settings for smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups. The A3500 adds dips & spreads and a self-cleaning cycle. The presets will run and stop automatically; handy for those with busy mornings. Imagine a single-serve 10-ounce container on preset smoothie program. There’s not easier way to get a fresh smoothie as you head out the door.

In terms of performance, the Ascent Series as good as our C-Series. The only inconvenience is the large container that means we need to make larger quantities of anything we blend. The upcoming smaller containers will solve that quirk. I haven’t noticed any difference in the noise level between the two. Neither are quiet, that’s for sure.

The Ascent Series also has wireless NFC connectivity so the base knows which container is in place to adjust power. My understanding is that there’s also bluetooth installed on the machines, though the reason has yet to be announced.

eh vegan vitamix ascent series review a2300

Final Recommendations: Vitamix Ascent Series

Though I haven’t tried it yet myself, based on my experience with the entry level model, my recommendation for most people is to go one step up and opt for the A2500. You’re adding 3 of 5 possible presets, which will significantly improve the texture of your frozen desserts, add convenience to your smoothie routine, and make hot soup at the push of a button. It’s the same price as the A3300, but with that model you lose the presets and get a touchscreen instead, which just doesn’t justify the extra spend versus the A2300.

As I mentioned earlier, I’d consider the small containers a must-have if you want your Vitamix to be a true all-in-one type kitchen appliance. If you absolutely want to get into the Vitamix ecosystem on a budget and you prefer to have one from the latest series, the A2300 is for you. If you don’t need the newest, consider a Legacy model to save money, but know that the Vitamix Ascent Series is the future of the lineup. And of course, if you want it all, there’s no question that the A3500 will meet your needs with its 5 presets, touchscreen, and metal base.

Ultimately, there’s no wrong choice. Vitamix blenders are the best you’ll find. The warranty backs that up. You’ll have yours for a long time!

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